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SmartThings Living

The Visionaire EC – SmartThings Living


Smart Home. Intelligent Living

SmartThings lets you easily monitor, control, and secure your home from anywhere.



Run Your Home from Your Phone

With the free SmartThings app, you can receive important notifications about what’s happening at home, control your smart devices with a simple tap, and automate your home to react to your unique preferences.



One App. Limitless Possibilities

As your needs change, you can easily customize SmartThings to work in new and different ways by using the app. Just set rules for what you’d like your smart devices to do when you’re asleep, awake, gone, or back home, and SmartThings will do the rest.



Monitor & Protect What Matters Most

The SmartThings app offers a complete home monitoring and security solution that allows customers to get instant alerts if there’s unwanted entry, smoke, leaks, or other unexpected activity. By adding a compatible camera, customers can also get accompanying video clips that capture footage of these events.



One Hub for Your Smart Home

Whether you have two smart devices or 200, all you need is one Hub to create a smart home. Like a live-in translator, the Hub communicates with all of your different connected products–regardless of their wireless protocol–so that you can easily monitor and control them from the SmartThings app.



One Seriously Smart Hub

The Hub contains ZigBee and Z-Wave radios, and is also compatible with IP-accessible devices. There’s no hard-wiring or installation needed. Simply connect it to your Internet router using the included Ethernet cable, attach the power cord to the back of the Hub, and you’re ready to start creating a safer, smarter home.



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